It has always been part of our Social Enterprises future mission to support young people who have not had positive life or learning experiences, they may have had barriers stopping them achieve their full potential. Many young people face numerous pressures and challenges in various aspects of their lives. Many disadvantaged young people lack adequate access to training and employment, affordable housing, long term financial security, and technology.  They also must cope with a fast changing work environment and the scary people behind the desk. 

Ethical Business Networking Suffolk
Business Networking Suffolk

We feel that our events will offer an opportunity for them to develop life skills and engage with local businesses.

Through our Ethical Business Networking Events and working closely with local youth training providers we hope to offer the following....

  • Motivational Support 
  • Teamwork
  • Raise self esteem
  • Meet real business owners in a more natural environment
  • Open volunteering opportunities
  • Outdoor activities to support well-being
  • Build on communication skills
  • Potential for further work experience / apprenticeships with the local business community

What is more important to us is that we want to know what they want to get out of our events. So starting with our first event at Field of Dreams on the 26th January 2018 we are launching our pilot scheme. We are collaborating with WS Training for this first part of this scheme to build a solid plan to support this younger generation so that they get the best possible support.