Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme Students 2017/2018

I was one of the lucky ones that managed to be picked to attend the most amazing support course in the development of our Social Enterprise. The year long course offers the opportunity to explore the full potential of our mission with a complete support network around us. The Eastern Enterprise Hub is a 'not for profit' organisation and the leading provider of entrepreneurial support in the East of England. It was set up by the private and public sector community in 2011 to offer in depth support to new entrepreneurs. From January 2011 to December 2015, the Eastern Enterprise Hub has supported 852 entrepreneurs who have driven business growth and employment across the East of England, through the creation of new enterprises and social enterprises. 

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19 Social Entrepreneurs 

One of the greatest parts of being on the course is having the opportunity of sitting in a room with 19 other inspiring Social Entrepreneurs who are making such a difference to our communites and are going to continue to do so with the help of the course. I'd like you to say a big hello to these amazing people.

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Kelly Lindsay - Friend Indeed

Friend In Deed is committed to relieve loneliness and improve the
physical and mental health of older people & parents of young children.

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Bill Russell - Equal Brewkery

To show that people with learning disabilities can participate fully and contribute to a financially successful and sustainable business through brewing beer and baking bread.

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Sarah Jones - Practical Bereavement Support

Tackling: The stress of dealing with admin and correspondence immediately after a loss and support to let go of the pain.