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Richard Hughes


Business Member

A & B Insurance                                           

E-mail: Richard@abinsurance.co.uk  Phone: 07787 526 828                        Website: www.riskprotection.co.uk



About A & B Insurance

With more than 30 years experience providing insurance solutions for the freight industry in both the UK and US, Richard holds the highest professional qualifications in the insurance Industry and is a registered as a Chartered Insurance Broker.

The shipping industry is vital to East Anglia’s growth and development, but it faces shifting risks that need to be identified and managed. This is why experience matters and the right marine insurance coverage counts. At A&B, our team has extensive knowledge, which, more than most other forms of insurance, is absolutely vital to help and advise our clients. From arranging cover for cargo in transit around the globe, to insuring the liability and risk exposure of a large vessel on the ocean, our in-house experts will make sure you can rest in the knowledge that you’re protected should the worst case scenario happen.

 Along with providing an excellent personal service, A&B are committed to delivering solutions which provide value for money. One such product is our www.freightcover.com insurance portal. First launched in 2005 it was the first of it’s kind and although the concept has now been adopted by many insurers ours remains the quickest and easiest to use.

 Like You, we enjoy a challenge. So no matter where you’re located or what your business does, you’ll find that our focus and commitment is constant.