We are looking for local businesses who want to expand their business

Business Networking is a great way to grow your business and link up with other like minded businesses for support and motivation. 

In this digital world face to face meetings are still the easiest way for your business to grow. Traditional Business Networking events are groups of people sat around tables or stood around in a room with the hope of speaking to lots of people trying to find lots of new customers. In reality what actually happens is lots of small talk is exchanged with only a short timeline to discuss business opportunities. This is because nobody really knows the person behind the business but more importantly no relationship has been built.

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"IRUMS events are so different in a really good way! Conversations flow with ease when you’re busy working together painting walls, sanding down woodwork or even replanting flowers. When its time to leave you feel like you’ve achieved something worthwhile for a charity and the local community. Oh, and guess what? you’ve actually enjoyed yourself networking and engaging with new business contacts!" — Richard Jennis - Simple Click

There is a really good reason why I Roll Up My Sleeves business networking events are growing, it's because it works! Businesses coming together to make a difference in the community is the core value around our events. Supporting projects by helping them complete minor tasks that don't need special skills but once complete will really make a difference to the people that use their services in your area. Since our launch in 2016 we have organised over 50 events, supported 10 community projects and have over 50 members that just love to 'Roll Up Their Sleeves'. 

What are the benefits in Running one of our Business Networking Events?

  • New contacts – Networking is all about meeting people and establishing new contacts to help build the profile of your business. You will have privileged access to new and existing businesses that want to attend your group and are interested in finding out more. The most powerful form of marketing is word of mouth, so a network of new contacts could be invaluable for the growth of your business.
  • Promotional opportunities – As the organizer of our Business Networking groups, you’ll obviously want to promote it within your local business community. One of the main benefits of running your own networking group is that it creates a new platform to promote both your group and also yourself as a Business Connector. By using social media such you can easily promote your own business at the same time without making it too explicit. 
  • Become a key figure in your local community – Once your networking group is up and running, you will become a core part of your business community. Whether it’s through word of mouth, Facebook promotions or press coverage, interest in your networking group and in your own business will continue to grow. Running your own networking group and becoming a key figure in your local community opens up unlimited opportunities to various clubs, associations, business contacts and potential clients.

We are offering you a great opportunity to become part of our Social Enterprise and the revolution that is an alternative to standard Business Networking. Whether you are a new or established business and you would like to set up a networking event in your area, then we would love to hear from you.