Why Our networking is good for the individual, good for business AND good for the community

Why Our networking is good for the individual, good for business AND good for the community

 We asked psychologist and fellow social entrepreneur Dr Jemma Harris for her take on our ethical networking events. Here she highlights how attending our events could benefit you as an individual, your business and the local community.

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The business networking events organised by I Roll Up My Sleeves are a really great initiative and I am so glad to see that they are so popular. These types of events will tick multiple boxes when it comes to benefiting individuals, businesses and the wider community.

There are, of course, the very clear community based benefits that have been built into the design of the events. A range of local organisations and charities benefit from services, support, advice, customers and media exposure through the I Roll Up My Sleeves events.

What is perhaps more subtle are the potential personal benefits for the individuals attending the events and the subsequent benefits for their businesses. The events also seem to tap into the types of things that have been shown to benefit health, wellbeing and motivation. These include:

-kindness and prosocial behaviour

-physical activity (or at the very least reduced sedentary activities)

-social connection

-developing new skills

-a sense of being part of something bigger than oneself


These types of activities and experiences have been shown to have positive effects on wellbeing, happiness, health, energy levels, motivation, innovation and productivity and resilience to stress.

With clear potential to bring a range of positive benefits to the local community, individual attendees and associated businesses with each and every networking event I am excited about this paradigm shift if the networking world and am looking forward to rolling up my sleeves very soon!

"Dr Jemma Harris is a Chartered psychologist, researcher and social
entrepreneur. She works with social enterprises to provide advice on how
to align training, content and activities with psychological theories
and practice. Jemma also provides assistance with issues related to
outcome measurement, data analysis and developing research informed
reports on social impact. You can read more about her work HERE