Local Ipswich Businesses Don't Get Fenced In


On 9th May 2018 I arrived at Emmaus on Dales Road in Ipswich to hold our monthly Ethical Business Networking event. On arrival I was met by Claire and was introduced to the newly appointed Operations Manager Mandy.

We waited for the businesses to arrive and at 9:30am over a cup of tea I introduced the businesses to each other and gave a brief chat about why IRUMS was born and what we have achieved in the 18 months we have been running. Followed by a health and safety talk.

Claire then explained to the businesses what Emmaus does and how they are now launching a mobile shop which will take goods from the Charity shop around villages so that communities that can’t get into town can see what they offer. She also explained about her reusable household products that will also be on board.

Once that was done we set to work at 10am. Our task today was to wire brush the metal fencing then paint it to make it look fresh.

Conversation flowed nicely with Tim revealing he was looking to book a holiday. Luckily the right person stood next to him. Gemma a travel agent.


We worked on the project for an hour and a half then finished with more tea and cake. Whilst drinking tea and eating cake we continued to talk further about what our businesses needed and how they became to do the job they do. Both our new attendees Gemma and Kevin commented after being asked by Mandy how they felt today had gone, that they both felt a sense of achievement. Kevin saying “I could have sat in my garden this morning, but instead I have supported a charity and made connections”