Emmaus Community Garden - Amazing to see the end result

Emmaus Suffolk and the Community Garden has been a project that has seen many hands make light work. As a Social Enterprise we are so pleased to support this great community organisation. Over a period of events our Ethical Business Networkers tackled some of the tasks that needed doing over 3 events.

Event One - I can quote Karen from Scrutton Bland on this project, which was the painting of the fence. "This is one of the jobs that you hate doing at home but here, knowing it makes a difference it actually feels good"

Event 2 - Raised bed protection. To create a lasting garden, it is all in the prep work. Here we took the task of protecting the posts for the raised beds. When you think about it logically, to speak with someone whilst you are taking on these tasks is so much of a natural environment.

Event 3 - Off to the beach! For this Business Networking Event our members got to dismantle the beach hut (which we put up at the very first event we held at Emmaus way back in 2016) the team prepared the ground, then rebuilt the hut in it's resting place. 

The final result - Wow! what a difference and what an amazing place for the community to enjoy. We would like to thank all of the businesses that 'Rolled Up Their Sleeves' at our Ethical Business Networking Events and made a difference. If you would like to get involved and meet other businesses in a more natural environment then take a look at our next Business Networking Events.



Emmaus Suffolk Community Garden.jpg