Measuring Our Impact

As a Social Enterprise it is important for us to measure our impact with the projects that we support, this is also a major factor for your businesses Corporate Social Responsibility. We have worked hard and spoke with various organisations in finding a way to show actual figures. 

The issue was that we struggled to find a way to put a monetary value on each project we complete at each event, as donations are the normal route that businesses support charities to tick their CSR box. For instance, if we built a chicken run at a farm, and they put the chickens in then this would evaluate to £1000 worth of eggs per year, but painting the hallway at a project is harder to value.                                                                                 
So we have managed to work out our Collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility based on Time & average hourly UK salary. As you are aware, I Roll Up My Sleeves only started with one community project back in March 2016 and grew to 4 by October 2016. 2017 is really exciting as we are extending our reach around the UK to support more projects. The results I have found are really quite amazing, and because of our plans for 2018 (Which will be revealed soon) we have set our targets for the next 3 years. We will work to be able to show a running total live on our website for 2017, so that you can see that just by attending our Alternative Networking Events you can make a real difference to your community and you can show your clients your Collaborative Corporate Social Responsibility.

I have been attending the networking events from the beginning and find them very rewarding
— Darren Francis / Vector Management
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