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 "We wanted to create a way to connect with local businesses whilst making a difference in our community" Glenn & Amy - Founders - I Roll Up My Sleeves

"We wanted to create a way to connect with local businesses whilst making a difference in our community" Glenn & Amy - Founders - I Roll Up My Sleeves


Why you should attend our Business Networking Events


Connect and do business

Who and where you meet your potential new client or network with existing clients is an important part in growing your business. First impressions count, which is why we set up a more natural way for you to connect instead of the normal suit and tie breakfasts. You will build stronger relationships with the people that you network alongside, a level playing field that breaks down barriers and really gets you connected.

Simply make a difference

We all know the importance of how we engage with the community, it's an important part of your CSR. Supporting local community projects through our business networking events you can make an impact on so many lives. Get to know more about your community and the people that are giving support to people in your local area, because together we can all simply make a difference. 

The conversation was much more natural than at conventional networking events, and the whole experience works really well. It’s a great way to give something back.
— Tim Mulley - Scrutton Bland

Are you ready to 'Roll Up Your Sleeves'

What our members say

Why is it different?

Our Business Networking is a refreshing approach to get you connected. Since the launch of our Social Enterprise in 2016 we have organised over 50 business networking events, supported 12 community projects and have over 50 members.

“Business networking can be tiresome and intimidating affairs. IRUMS events are so different in a really good way!"

Our members have taken part in painting a 200 year old windmill, built a community pond, helped build raised beds and so many more. The projects completed have made a real difference to the people that use the venues and these could not have been achieved within the time allocated if it was not for our networkers.

Business Networking is essential to your business growth

Want to raise your profile in your local area?

If you want to spread the word about your business then why not run your own business networking group? This is a perfect opportunity for business owners who need to become a core and established part of their local business network.

 Local businesses having a drink after a business networking event in ipswich

  I Roll up my sleeves business networkers Rachael - Simple Click, Philip - Action Coach & Julie - Avatar making a difference at field of dreams suffolk

 I ROLL UP MY SLEEVES Business Networkers Rachael - SIMPLE CLICK, Philip - ACTION COACH & Julie - AVATAR who made a difference at our event at Field of Dreams in Suffolk


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